Jerald Yoo先生講演会

2017年6月5日(月)に、National University of SingaporeのProf. Jerald Yoo をお招きして、生体データ向けのアナログフロントエンド回路の設計に関する講演会をしていただきました。

Title: Design strategies for wearable sensor interface circuits — Where machine learning meets patient-specific seizure detection

Abstract: Wearable healthcare sensor provides an attractive opportunity for the semiconductor sector. The target here is to mitigate the impact of chronic diseases by providing continuous yet adequate low noise monitoring and analysis of physiological signals. Wearable environment is challenging for circuit designers due to its unstable skin-electrode interface to begin with. Wet and dry electrodes have very different electrical characteristic that needs to be addressed. Also, in wearable environment, trade-off between available resource and performance among the components (analog front-end and digital back-end) is of crucial.

This talk will cover the design strategies of bio interface circuits for such wearable sensors. We will first explore the difficulties, limitations and potential pitfalls in wearable interface and strategies to overcome such issues. After that, system level considerations for better key metrics such as energy efficiency will be introduced. Several state-of-the-art instrumentation amplifiers that emphasize on different parameters will also be discussed. We will then see how the signal analysis part impacts the analog interface circuit design. Finally, we will explorer an example wearable epileptic seizure detection System-on-Chip (SoC) that exploits machine-learning classifier for a patient-specific monitoring. The talk will conclude with interesting aspects and opportunities that lie ahead.

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