Dr. Chun-Wei Lin講演会

2017年12月17日(月)に、米国Toyota InfoTechnology CenterのDr. Chung-Wei Linをお招きして、コネクテッドカーの最適設計やセキュリティーに関する最新動向を紹介する講演会をしていただきました。

Innovative Design and Analysis for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous functions, and connected applications bring a revolution to automotive systems and software. In this talk, several similarities between Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and automotive design will first be introduced. Then, some ongoing research topics in the domain of automotive systems and software will be introduced: (1) security-aware design and analysis considering timing and game theory, (2) a flexible and customizable plug-and-play platform to support installations, updates, or activations of software before driving or even during driving, (3) a certification protocol to certify outsourced software but keep source codes confidential, and (4) a system decomposition methodology based on quotient of assume-guarantee contracts. Current achievements and research challenges will be covered in the talk. In the last part of this talk, some teaching experience at UC Berkeley will also be shared.

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