IEICE Society Conference 2014

Motoki Yoshinaga (B4) presented his research at the IEICE Society Conference 2014 hold on Sept. 23~26, 2014 at the University of Tokushima, Tokushima.

His presentation is on the ways of identifying counterfeit IC chips. The circulation of counterfeit IC chips is the source for various problems in the field of security and reliability. However, each chip is ultimately different from one another, and a physical unclonable function (PUF) refers to a function that gives different output based on the inherent physical property of the specific chip. This can be used to identify and authenticate IC chips just like fingerprint authentication. In this paper, it was confirmed that random telegraph noize (RTN) can possibly used to implement a PUF. In addition, it was shown that the accuracy of the identification and authentication process are enhanced by using multiple transistors on one chip.

The following article is only available in Japanese:

  • 吉永 幹, 粟野 皓光, 廣本 正之, 佐藤 高史:
    “ランダムテレグラフノイズを用いたチップ識別手法の一検討”, 電子情報通信学会ソサイエティ大会, A-7-1, p.95, 2014年9月.
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