ISQED2012 (03/19-03/21)

2012年3月19日〜21日,ISQED (The International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design) Symposium 2012 在美利坚合众国加利福尼亚州Santa Clara,Techmart Center举行。佐藤教授做了以下的研究发表。

  • Takashi Sato, Hiromitsu Awano, Hirofumi Shimizu, Hiroshi Tsutsui, and Hiroyuki Ochi:
    “Statistical Observations of NBTI-Induced Threshold Voltage Shifts on Small Channel-Area Devices,” in Proc. of International Symposium on Quality Electrical Design (ISQED) (Santa Clara, CA), pp.306-311, Mar. 2012.
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