DATE 2017

Mr. Song Bian presented his paper at Design, Automation and Test  in Europe (DATE) 2017 held in Lausanne, Switzerland. The acceptance rate of oral presentation is 24%.

Song’s talk was on the realization of a secured content addressable memory (CAM) based on homomorphic encryption. Recent years, information leakage through search and access pattern is a serious issue in data outsourcing. In this work, we proposed a SCAM construct that retains the high parallel performance of SCAM while hiding access pattern. We used
an additive homomorphic encryption scheme to implement the word matching function, and achieved a 400x speed improvement on CPU and 40,000x power reduction on specialized hardware, when compared to existing work.

  • Song Bian, Masayuki Hiromoto, and Takashi Sato:
    “SCAM: Secured Content Addressable Memory Based on Homomorphic Encryption,” in Proc. of Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE), pp.984-989, Mar. 2017.
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